Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Planting

So, we’re already getting ready for the Spring planting season, in fact, I’ve already sown a good set of seeds for the garden area. I tried some new peat potting greenhouse thingy and planted Bachelor Buttons, Snapdragons, and Catnip. As I told my husband, Big Guy, I wanted to try it out on something I wasn’t going to be heartbroken about not sprouting. I love flowers, but I love fresh veggies more. So, I now have 72 potential plants growing.

Living in a trailer isn’t the easiest, especially for a storm wuss like me. But, it has its upside. Namely, we can grow as big a garden as we want. We just can’t build anything permanent. This year, the kids and I get to grow pumpkins, cantaloupe, beans, lettuce, strawberries, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots and more. Due to it being Indiana, we can’t really grow corn without upsetting someone. Cross-pollination of crops is taken very seriously here.

Once the plants start to sprout, I’ll be able to take pictures and we’ll see how it goes!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

An Introduction

I go by kittencaboodle on most things I do online, but I also answer to “Mommy” or “Emily”. Though, depending on circumstances, I threaten to change both my names or tell my kids: “There is no mommy, there is only Zuul.”

They don’t get it yet.

I am a mom, step-mom, wife, daughter, writer, crocheter, gardener and the list goes on. In my spare time, I teach composition and literature classes.

I’m looking forward to sharing my adventures and outcomes with all of you!