Sunday, October 9, 2011

What I did with my weekend

This USED to be a tree

So did this (but I fixed that)
The weekend after Big Guy and I moved in, the mulberry in the backyard leaned into the neighbor's yard. It was rather startling and horrifying for us since we had JUST moved in and we were getting a call about the tree deciding it preferred another yard to ours.  We had several tree companies come out and look it over.  All of them recommended removing the tree entirely.  Apparently, while mulberries themselves are delicious and sweet, the tree is crap.

They removed the tree this week, so our backyard is now treeless and very, very bright.  Big Guy and I cleaned up the wood pieces while Little Guy ran around the yard.  Then we put him down for a nap because he desperately needed it and we needed to not worry about potentially chopping him in half.  We got the logs split, stacked and then enjoyed the evening in the back yard around the fire pit.  Check that.  Big Guy and I enjoyed the fire pit.  Little Guy enjoyed running around the back yard in the dark with his fake pet squirrel.  He loves that squirrel.
Captain Squirrel of the Furred Fleet 5

I set up a website through Google Sites for tutoring.  I'm rather amused, and slightly alarmed, at how thoroughly Google managed to infiltrate my life.  Youtube, Blogspot, my phone number, email, and now my business website are all run through Google.  I hear they are awesome to work for though, so I guess I can throw business at them. 

As we settle in to Fall at the new place, I keep telling Big Guy how happy I am.  Part of that may be the wine, but I really do love the house.  We have a great little porch area set up.  Sitting out there, cup of coffee (or tea) in hand and surveying the neighborhood is remarkably relaxing. The past few days have been warm and relaxing, so I want to take advantage of it while I can! 
A Cup of coffee, a book, and me...  Heaven.

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