Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Life in a day

Watching the movie "Life in a Day" is a good reminder of two things. 1 - We are all connected and 2 - Someone always has it worse.  Everyone does what they can just to survive in some cases but they filmed their day because they were thankful for whatever life they have.

There are days when I am angry about the difficulties I've experienced, just as I am sure most people are.  But then I look at my husband and son and I am reminded how wonderful even the gloomiest of times can be.  It's good to see that I'm not the only one to realize it.  Everyone across the world feels this way.

It's important, I think, to examine your life on a regular basis.  I try to remember everything and take pictures as often as I can remember to document life.  I also try to remember my mistakes, so I can avoid repeating them.  As hippie as it sounds, I try to balance pragmatism with optimism, cynicism with trust.  This is harder than it sounds for someone who possesses a dry, dark sense of humor.

Honestly, I love people, but I detest the lack of common sense I see displayed all the time.  I love teaching and I adore my students.  I find it shameful how badly our educational system has failed us though... I know this is a familiar rant.  When I see how determined some of my students are, though, it gives me hope.  And teaching reminds me how lucky I am.  I am smart, clever and creative.  I desperately hope to pass those traits on to my son.

So, I like movies that examine the human condition and reminds me that we all have similar hopes and fears, and we're capable of great things and capable of great failings...  Sometimes in the same 24 hour period. And sometimes, the most amazing thing is simply that we exist, right here and now.  We speak, we breathe, we communicate.  No matter who you are, you matter.  This truly is life.

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