Monday, March 29, 2010

One blog, one tree - Writing my way to carbon neutrality

carbon neutral offers and shopping with

I received information that the average blogger is anything but carbon neutral.  In fact, annually, a blog can generate an average of 8 lbs. of carbon!  So, I am working to make this pretty, pink blog a greener place to read.  I am joining the "1 blog, 1 tree" movement and having a tree planted to neutralize the carbon emissions caused by my blog. 

During the Spring and Summer, I suspect I do my fair share of combating global warming.  I plant and grow flowers and veggies and love my outdoorsy stuff.  I don't know what we'll grow this year because we're looking at potentially moving.  But even if I can't grow a lot this year, I'll at least have a tree in my blog's honor. 

So, in an effort to encourage greener living, I will encourage you to join the "1 blog, 1 tree" movement and do your part to minimize your carbon footprint.  Remember, we can always use more trees!  I will also encorage you to take other steps towards a self-sustainable lifestyle.  These are things you can do in both the big city and out in the country.  Grow a garden.  It can be in containers on a patio or balcony or you can plant them in the ground.  There's nothing quite like fresh veggies right from the plant!  Plant your own tree, bonus points for a fruit tree!  Volunteer at your zoo or park.  Pick up garbage from the road in front of your residence. 

Good luck and let me know how it goes! 


Amber said...

Beautiful! I plan on promoting this idea on my own blog. Thank you for sharing. :)

The company I work for is

It is a marketplace for books, similar to Amazon, but WAY better. We were the first bookseller to offer carbon-neutral shipping, as well as running a nonprofit that builds free libraries in Bolivia. So I really dig the importance of carbon neutrality, and alternative energy research and development.

keep up the good works!


Dunappy said...

Well in the past two years, I've planted Three Apple trees, Two Cherry trees, one Peach tree, Two Asian Pear trees and a mulberry tree. does that count?

Morleysaurus said...

Oooh, this is an awesome idea. :) I use Care2 as a search engine and through them you can earn Butterfly points which you can convert into offsetting the carbon your computer uses, or to plant a tree...or even feed a seal a snack. All of this is made possible by the sponsors of Care2. :)