Monday, January 18, 2010

Grey days and clean clothes

Last night there was a freezing fog advisory for our area and I noticed, when I looked out the window this morning, it was a bit hazy.  I also noticed that the branches of the trees seem to be coated in an icy glaze.  I wish it would choose something other than grey though.  Snow, I can handle and would enjoy.  Sun would be bright but nice.  Grey clouds that reflect grey off the snow and light the world in a grey, dismal light. This does not help in cracking the post holiday blues. 

However, forcing myself out of the rut does.  As you can see, I am getting myself back in the habit of writing.  It would be poor form for a writing teacher to preach writing on a daily basis but not do so herself.  And yesterday, while G and Little Guy played Lego Starwars 2, I made more laundry detergent.  We haven't had to actually buy laundry detergent for over a year. 

Big Guy has no complaints about the homemade detergent and is pleased that the clothes get just as clean for a fraction of the cost.  And, aside from the soap scent that I add to it, there are no other additives.  The clothes get clean, there's no weird stuff in it, and we aren't paying a ton of money for it.  This last batch, all I had to buy was the washing soda at a little over $3.  That should last me for the next few batches and the only thing I'll need to buy will be the scents if I choose to add them. 

Because today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I have no class tonight.  I don't know what we're going to do tonight, but it won't involve school.  I'm holding out for a trip to Barnes and Noble, but it depends on Big Guy's mood when he gets home from work.  In the meantime, while I wait for word, I'll do some grading and see what pans out.  I'll probably even do some laundry.  Little Guy is playing with his cars and animals and watching Thomas and Friends in the front room and will probably ask to play with his trains soon.  Later, we may curl up on the sofa together. 


Bonnie Story said...

I love, love love the lil' seedlings in your header! That is wonderful and only makes me more hyper to get gardening this Spring!!! Cheers, Bonnie

Cinnamon said...

I followed your link on laundry detergent and found your detergent recipe fascinating. That's awesome to think that we can actually make our own detergent and save some money.