Monday, January 25, 2010

The Week Begins

Today begins the last week of class for the month.  That means final exams and grades. It also means it is a Monday, the end of the weekend, and the need to start behaving like a grown-up. Angels and devils, choices to make, do I act productive, or do I wallow in my creature comforts. 

I always start the week with good intentions.  I plan out what I need to get done on which days of the week.  I even try to figure out approximately how long it will take so I can maximize the efficiency of my days.  And then something happens.  I could probably blame it on ADD, Little Guy, or a combination of the two, but nothing ever goes as planned.  I always end up with part of the list done and none of it hen it was supposed to happen. 

Little Guy does more than his fair share of throwing wrenches into the works. The child has not met a room he could't destroy in under five minutes.  There are times I picture him as Pig Pen from the Snoopy cartoons, surrounded by a whirling mess of toys and books. Right now, I've got the door to his room closed as I try to ignore the mess he's created.  He's since spread out from the bedroom and overtaken the Front Room as well. 

Admittedly, I am holding the wall on the Family Room and attempting to prevent the mess from further incursions, but it's a losing battle at times.  Particularly with a busy boy like Little Guy.  He constantly surprises me.  When he was born, I couldn't imagine what kind of child he would become.  Now, at 4, his personality is emerging on a regular basis.  He has his likes and dislikes and expresses both on a regular basis.  In general, he's a happy kid, but I worry about him. 

His life has changed so much over the past year.  As his mother, it is my duty to make sure that the difficulties that his father and I deal with don't affect him overly much.  How do we really know what he thinks or how it affects him?  I suppose the happiness he exhibits is a good enough sign that we're keeping most of the issues from registering. He's a smart kid and it's going to require fancy footwork to keep him free and clear as he get older.  He already wears me out now!

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