Sunday, January 31, 2010

Spiritual Sunday - Learn to be Still

I've decided to reinstate my spirituality blog entries and start a Spiritual Sunday Meme.

Ask anyone who knows me, and you will find I tend to avoid organized religion.  The organizational structure of many religions seems to invite corruption and those who wish to manipulate and twist the religious beliefs.  I prefer to believe that if there is a higher power, it doesn't matter what we call it, only how we act.  After all, how can we, as humans, presume to know the mind of a god? 

So, it seems logical that the best way to muddle through this deeply flawed, human life is to find a way to express your spiritual self.  The best way to figure this out requires stillness.  I know in the business of today's world, with cell phones ringing, email to be answered, and small children clamoring with loud voices and sticky fingers for your attention, it's extremely difficult to find a chance to be still, but it is important for all three aspects of health: mental, physical, and spiritual.

Some might refer to the process of learning stillness as meditation or achieving balance; no matter what you call it though, it requires quiet and peace.  Choose a place that you draw comfort from and sit.  Turn you cell phone off and choose a time when the children are asleep or distracted for an extended period of time.  Achieving stillness requires patience, dedication and quiet.  Otherwise, it wouldn't be still.  Breathe in and breathe out and release your stress and anxieties.  Open your heart and let your spirit float freely. 

Finding that inner peace and connection to the unseen world (the spiritus mundi as Yeats would say) is a key to finding your spiritual center.  My spiritual stillness comes mostly in nature.  Whether it is the stillness and quiet of the snow falling, muffling all sounds of the urban life, or the wind rustling the leaves with the light, cheery chirrups from the birds.  Wherever you find your stillness, keep the memory of it for the hectic busy times.  Pull the memory out when you find yourself faltering and it will serve you well.

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