Tuesday, February 23, 2010

OMG U need 2 care 2 teach

Big Guy and I take education rather seriously.  Both of us have college degrees and recognize the necessity to have one in today's world.  While we do struggle financially, I can only imagine how much harder it would be without the education to back us up.  One of the things I have learned while teaching, however, is that there are schools that are not doing what kids need to prepare for the outside world. 

A while ago, I was told by a neighbor that the local high school allows students to write papers in "text speak".  Big Guy did not believe the story until I had it confirmed by a student in my class this month.  When I asked for the name of the teacher, she looked at me blankly and asked: "Which ONE?"  After that, Big Guy was much more amenable to the idea of homeschooling.  We've narrowed down which districts we are willing to send Little Guy to school in and which districts are absolutely a no-go due to their lack of concern or ability regarding education. 

I can understand being burned out.  I'm sure we have all been at a point in our jobs where going for just one more day seems impossible.  However, in a job where you have a direct impact on people, as in teaching, you need to force your way through it.  Allowing children to write papers in text speak is nothing short of criminal and reeks of sheer indifference.  When jobs are looking for workers that can communicate effectively, encouraging laziness in kids and their writing does no one a service. 

This month, several of my students have exhibited frustration that no one called them on their writing ability, that no one corrected their writing in the English classes.  Admittedly, in high school, you don't learn the writing structure.  However, you do have to write papers and your teachers should care enough to correct your mistakes.  By allowing the students to get away with using shortened speech is not doing your job as a teacher.  It may be easier rather than hearing the complaints, it may be simpler rather than fighting with them, but being a good teacher, just like being a good parent, means doing the difficult things. 

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Anne said...

Wow, I can't believe that. Forget teachers, if I found out my daughter was writing a paper in text speak I would make her redo it.