Sunday, February 14, 2010

Spiritual Sunday - The Duality of Life

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The idea of duality in religion is nothing new. The first chapter of Genesis deals with duality; light and dark, heaven and earth, wet and dry, male and female.  There are other instances of duality, generally serving the same purpose, in other religions.  The Taoist symbol of the yin yang represents many forms of duality, including male and female.  Pagan religions also embrace duality and the importance of balance.

In Neo-pagan religious ceremonies, it is important to note that both aspects must be honored properly. They are generally viewed as highly female oriented, but perhaps it only appears that way due tot he absence of a strong female figure in other, more organized religions.  What is important to understand is the necessity of both sides to life.  Without night, there would be no day; without female, there would be no male; and without the salt of life, we would not experience the sweetness. 

If there is one thing we must learn, it is the importance of duality.  If we did not have both sides of the coin, good and bad, our world would fall.  We need the balance of the seasons, summer and winter, to ensure the success of the crops as well as the continued existence of life on the planet.  We need the night to help us sleep and prepare for the day.  And, well, we all know why there must be two genders. 

Instead of complaining about Winter, remember the good that comes from winter.  Instead of complaining about your significant other and how different they are from you, remember that those differences balance you and serve as a counter to your weaknesses.  Remember that for every painful experience, you have likely experienced an experience that was just as sweet.  Accept and understand the automatic balance that life provides. 

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