Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winter is still here.

Winter is supposed to be coming to an end, not that you would know it around here. Yesterday and the day before we got hit by major lake effect snow, the sticky, heavy kind. It's blanketed everything in a beautiful white covering, but right now, spring seems very far away.

I don't mind too much though. I actually prefer winter to the other seasons. At the end of winter there seems to be a long period of greyness and dismal weather. The grey clouds reflect off the wet pavement and everything gets covered with a coating of dirt and blech before the sun finally comes out.

In winter, however, the snow covers those ills and the white blanket muffles the urban sounds. No car sounds, no urban hum, just silence and sometimes the whispery sound of the snow falling. However, despite the recent snow fall, I can tell that winter is coming to an end. For the past few days, after Big Guy leaves for work, I can hear a bird calling outside the window. I feel bad for that bird because there is no way it's going to get the worm, no matter how early it gets up. Not with all the snow on the ground at least. 

Right now, the sun is shining and I can see the tracks made by the melting snow on the window.  By tonight, we'll be back to cold weather and that melted snow will turn to ice.  Ahh fun. 

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